New Music – Public Service Broadcasting – The Race for Space

The new one from Public Service Broadcasting is out today (23rd February 2015). It’s called ‘The Race For Space’ and, in usual PSB style, merges archive sounds with band created ones to forge new and interesting sonic stories. I did a full review for it over at Backseat Mafia and you can see that review here:

You can see the album preview video and the fabulous video featuring the breakdancing astronauts from the Gagarin video over on YouTube.

The album comes with two covers to choose from – a USA cover and a USSR cover – all very cold war and comes highly recommended by My Train Tracks.

Album cover - Public Service Broadcasting - The Race for Space






Public Service Broadcasting are live throughout April and May and you should catch them if you can.


Isle of Wight brothers CHAMPS release their follow up to last year’s ‘Down Like Gold’ today (23rd February 2015). It’s called VAMALA and it is pretty great.

I did a full review of VAMALA over at Backseat Mafia and you can see my review here:

If you like your music melancholy with beautiful harmonies and stories of love, loss and leaving then VAMALA will hit the spot for you. If you were a fan of their debut then you will adore VAMALA which really pushes their sound forward.

Every song on VAMALA is of the highest quality and I have had the album on repeat since I got my review copy.

You can get your copy online here (or at any good record store obviously!):




One To Watch – Cariad Harmon

Juat came across a gem of an artist called Cariad Harmon, a London ex-pat now resident in the Big Apple.

She sings lovely folkesy tunes that reminded me a bit of Jaymay (that’s a good thing by the way) with a very cutely over-exagerated English accent. Maybe she wants folks in the States to know she’s an English import? It doesn’t matter, what does is that she sounds great and her music is instantly engaging and I know I’m going to have her album on repeat.

She’s already had some good press from the likes of Rolling Stone Magazine no less which isn’t surprising. She has smart lyrics, great tunes and lots of personality which make Cariad Harmon an artist worth exploing and definitely one to watch.

Her self-titled album is available on iTunes here [Cariad Harmon – Cariad Harmon] and you can take a sneaky listen below too.