Black Fox – Exotic Trash [EP] – Review

Black Fox - Exotic Trash

Wasted Years Records is excited to present Exotic Trash—the latest offering from Australian-Swedish indie cockburglers Black Fox. Recorded in Oxford, England with Ian Davenport (Band of Skulls/Supergrass/Stonefield), the extended player has been described by BBC Radio 1 as, ‘…an effin riot (pardon my French).’

Black Fox release their Exotic Trash [EP] on 6th February and I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a copy.

I must admit that my radar hadn’t picked up Black Fox first time around when their 2013 release, Line of Sight didn’t seem to make the waves the band were hoping for but according to their label [Wasted Years Records], “the boys from Black Fox have licked their wounds… trimmed the fat and returned from incompetence with a blistering five-track cassette of highly addictive indie dance-floor bombs”.

Whilst the self-deprecation is quite charming, there is probably an element of self-protection in it but Black Fox needn’t worry as they really deliver with Exotic Trash which combines all the best bits from cool guitar bands from the last 20 years along with some indie dance rhythms to create a simple, infectious EP that just demands to be put on repeat, although that might be tricky as they’ve opted to released on a limited edition cassette – very old school!

Luckily, there is also a digital download so you can flick on shuffle and repeat and you will definitely want to repeat these songs.

Despite the fay false start of standout ‘Bad Behaviour’ the band really get into gear very quickly and delivery a devastatingly brilliant sub-3 minute piece of indie pop excellence. What follows is a mixture of Smiths-inspired jangle pop [‘I Just Wanna Dance With You’] and Fall-influenced rock [‘Lexington’]. Black Fox manage to cram a lot of influence and a lot of style into five songs with a really neat production that sounds at the same time smooth and fuzzy and sounds new but also familiar. That’s good BTW.

If this is what Black Fox sound like when they have licked their wounds, I look forward to what they produce when the wounds are fully healed.

My Train Tracks Rating: 9/10

“Destined for the dance floor or the nearest landfill, Exotic Trash will be available on February 6 on limited edition cassette and digital download. Black Fox are celebrating the release with a European tour this Summer. Head to for more details”.