“Pigs Have Eggs” – Pond – Rough Trade – Nottingham -18th Feb 2015

“You’re late” someone shouted from the audience as Pond took to the stage an hour after the advertised 7pm. “We were told 8pm, what were you told?” shouted back drummer Jay “Gumby” Watson, a wry smile on his face. It didn’t matter. It was worth the wait. The upstairs cafe bar in Nottingham’s Rough Trade was jammed with a mixed crowd of young and old, some Tame Impala t-shirts floating about.



Looking like the DNA from some 70s surfer bums and 80s computer nerds has been spliced together Pond play crazy, psychedelic pop rock but unlike many psych rock bands who seem more fixated on self pleasure, Pond care about the listener and layer their psychedelia with tonnes of catchy tunes and gorgeous riffs. And they have character in spades, evident from the banter between the various members between songs. We learned for example that pigs have eggs!


“Hello Mother F*ckers” says baby faced and incredibly charismatic lead singer Nick Allbrook (wash your mouth out!) as they launched into “Waiting Around For Grace” off their excellent new album “Man It Feels Like Space Again”. Next is “Elvis Flaming Star” with a romping beat. Pond create some great (and loud) sound and some crazy noises. They then run through some “oldies but baddies”(according to Nick) before finishing their 40 minute set with the ravishing psych pop opera of title song “Man It Feels Like Space Again”, an 8 minute plus marvel with some bloody gorgeous crunching riffs and enough changes in gear to satisfy even the most demanding of listener.

Pond are currently touring the UK and you can find out where they’re going to be at their Facebook page.


You can get get ‘Man It Feels Like Space Again’ in all good record shops and online retailers.

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